About Polar Post
PolarPost is owned by Polar Express Pty Ltd, which was established in Melbourne, Victoria, in 2014. Since its establishment, Polar Express has committed to improving logistics-related information technology and Internet-based data analysis ability. Integrating the supply chain and collaborating with the process efficiently is always the core which makes Polar Express keep developing and enriching its services...
Since 2014
14000 + m2
Warehouse area
PolarPost Special Service
PolarPost can consolidate your cargos from different suppliers into one and make your shipment cost less!You don't have to general multiple HBLs for different shipments from multiple suppliers. You can just simply send them to PolarPost HUB in China and PolarPost can consolidate them for you. As a result, you only pay one time of admin cost when exporting from China and importing to Australia. Our facilities that conveniently located in Guangzhou, China; Melbourne, Australia make sure that our service is always under control no matter whether in the origin county or destination. Hundreds of PolarPost's clients saved thousands every year by using PolarPost consolidation service every year.
Freight Fowarder
Polar Express only provide first class freight forwarding services to its clients. We are an established air freight forwarder, accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
PolarPost only cooperates with the most reputable customs brokerage organisations in Australia.


The differences between air and ocean freight are seemingly apparent, but for importers and exporters, there is much more than meets the eye. Our guide to shipping air of ocean freight will help you understand the pros and cons of each and steer you in the direction that's best for your next shipment.